Iceland‘s secret to healthy living

Ísey Skyr is a remarkable dairy product unique to Iceland. A delicious, rich flavour and thick, creamy texture gives this all-natural product a distinct place all of its own on the dairy shelf. With fresh fruit flavours, it is a popular snack among children and adults alike.

Next generation dairy for today’s health conscious consumers, skyr is:

High in protein
Naturally fat-free
Smooth in texture
Great taste


A new dairy from a timeless tradition

Tipped as the new dairy “superfood”, Ísey Skyr is packed with protein, naturally fat-free and has a smooth texture and creamy taste. A traditional favourite of Icelanders, Ísey Skyr is the only skyr that contains the MS original Icelandic skyr cultures and is made according to the original Icelandic recipe.

The name
says it all!

In Icelandic ‘Ís’ means ice and ‘ey’ means island – combining the two words creates a novel expression of the birthplace of Ísey Skyr – Iceland. The sound of Ísey conjures images of ice and the North and provides our product with a short, fresh expression - the perfect name for a product at the heart of Icelandic healthy living.