26. June

Untraditional wedding cake!

Many foreign visitors claim that tasting Icelandic skyr is one of the must-have experiences in Iceland. This was the case with the Japanese couple Nori and Asaki, who came to Iceland last year and fell in love with Iceland and its people – as well as Ísey skyr. The couple got engaged at the Blue Lagoon, and when they returned home and began preparing for the wedding, they wanted to link their love of Iceland and the Icelandic skyr with their big day. Their dream was to allow their guests to taste their beloved Iceandic skyr, so they asked whether MS could assist them in importing Ísey skyr to Japan. This unique request was well received, and the company decided to give the young couple the skyr as a present. 200 tubs of Ísey skyr were carefully packaged and flown to Japan. The shipment also included a wedding present from MS to Nori and Asaki: two Icelandic knitted sweaters. The Icelandic gifts were well received by the wedded couple, as evidenced by these photos.

The wedding guests, who were tasting skyr for the first time, were so fond of it, like the newlyweds, that there was nothing left after the party.




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