3. May

Ísey Skyr is available in 19 markets

Today Ísey Skyr is available in 19 markets around the world and we plan to expand even further with our original Icelandi Skyr.

Last year Ísey Skyr was launched in Japan in co-operation with the dairy company Nippon Luna. Today Ísey Skyr and Ísey Skyr drinks are available in several retailers around the country.

It is great to recognise the Ísey brand on more that one sign walking through the Osaka Station that is a major railway station in the Umeda districk of Kita_ku, in Ostaka, Japan.

Also travelling with the Yamanote Line  you will see Ísey Skyr tv ads above you in the train, this is Tokoyo‘s most important trian line that connects Tokyo‘s major city centers.


24. April

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