3. July

Ísey Skyr Air - the dreamy new sensation from Ísey Skyr

Introducing Ísey Skyr Air, original Icelandic skyr with a difference.
We've taken our naturally high-protein skyr and whipped up a brand new mousse-like pot of joy! Light and fluffy, it feels deliciously indulgent on the tongue with the same great taste of Ísey Skyr.

Available in four* different flavours, Ísey Skyr Air is lactose free and high in protein. Treat yourself to the perfect snack or dessert - healthy, delicious and as light as air.

*selection may vary in different regions

8. March

The president of Iceland and the first lady welcome you to join Team Iceland!

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4. June

ÍSEY Skyr from MS enters the Japanese Market

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4. April

How to explore Reykjavik on a budget

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